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May 25, 2021

Jan 28, 2021

Cloud Native Toolkit Workshop released. The workshop in a box environment is easy and quick to setup with hands on labs including videos. Check them out at More hands on labs for the workshop coming soon.

Jan 6, 2021


v1.11.1, v1.11.0, v1.10.2, v1.10.1, v1.10.0, v1.9.0, v1.8.1, v1.8.0, v1.7.1, v1.7.0, v1.6.0, v1.5.0

Many usability changes, particularly for the pipeline command:

Reduces required permissions

  • At the start of every command that needs access to the kube api, the cli checks that a connection is available. Previously it did that by trying to list all the pods in the cluster (e.g. the equivalent of kubectl get pods -A). Unfortunately, that command needs a great deal of access to succeed. The check was changed to run a command that requires much less permission.
  • Before creating the webhook triggers, the pipeline command would read the Tekton version number from annotations on the operator deployment in the openshift-operators namespace. This check required a great deal of permissions to be able to read the deployment in that namespace. Instead, the pipeline command has been changed to resort to a brute force check - it assumes v0.6.0 and if it fails tries again with v0.4.0.

Usability updates for pipeline command

  • Allows the repo url to be passed in so it is not necessary to clone the repository first
  • Creates a single event listener per namespace/project instead of a new event listener for each repo
  • Detects the runtime of the repository and filters the tekton pipelines based on the runtime
  • Reads params from tekton pipeline and prompts for values
  • The input arguments have been cleaned up to remove conflicts and to use values that make more sense for the input parameters.

Dec 11, 2020

IasC (IZero and Terraform modules)


  • Updates ibm-container-platform module to v1.18.3 to provision ocp 4.5 clusters properly
  • Adds option of storage class for Artifactory
  • Updates to point releases of terraform modules with updated workflows to generate module catalogs
  • argocd v2.10.1
  • artifactory v1.10.0
  • dashboard v1.10.4
  • ibm-image-registry v1.2.3
  • ocp-image-registry v1.2.2
  • k8s-image-registry v1.1.5
  • k8s-source-control v1.2.1
  • jenkins v1.4.3
  • pactbroker v1.4.2
  • sonarqube v1.9.2
  • swaggereditor v1.4.1
  • tekton v2.0.2
  • tekton-resources v2.2.0
  • ibm-logdna v2.4.3
  • ibm-sysdig v2.3.3


v1.4.2, v1.4.1

  • Prints next steps to the console after calling the pipeline command

    Pipeline run started: memcached-operator-catalog-1762ff0a6d7
    Next steps:
      Tekton cli:
        View PipelineRun info - tkn pr describe memcached-operator-catalog-1762ff0a6d7
        View PipelineRun logs - tkn pr logs memcached-operator-catalog-1762ff0a6d7
      OpenShift console:
        View PipelineRun -
  • Registers the gitops command as a plugin to kubectl and oc clis

Tekton tasks

v2.2.3, v2.2.2, v2.2.1, v2.2.0, v2.1.27

  • Updates tasks to use images hosted in instead of to avoid rate limiting issue
  • Adds workflow to mirror required images from to on a nightly schedule
  • Adds pipelines for operator and operator catalog builds

Nov 20, 2020


v1.4.0, v1.3.0, v1.2.2, v1.2.1

  • Refactors Git server interaction logic to make more extensible
  • Adds support to pipeline command for Gogs git server running in cluster
  • Adds support to pipeline command for Bitbucket along with existing support for GitHub, GitHub Enterprise, and GitLab

Nov 13, 2020

IasC (IZero and Terraform modules)


  • Adds image-registry and source-control modules
  • Updates numbering for generated tiles
  • Updates default settings when installing from iZero
  • Updates underlying module versions
  • ibm-container-platform v1.18.0
  • artifactory v1.9.2
  • dashboard v1.10.0
  • ibm-image-registry v1.2.0
  • ocp-image-registry v1.2.0
  • tools-tekton-resources v2.1.9
  • k8s-source-control v1.2.0
  • tools-swagger-editor v1.4.0

Tekton tasks

v2.1.26, v2.1.25, v2.1.24, v2.1.23, v2.1.24, v2.1.21, v2.1.20

  • Updates tekton tasks to support Gogs git server running in cluster
  • Fixes setup task to handle different characters in git url
  • Updates the task order in the pipelines to release the helm chart after the scan
  • Defaults to using the internal OCP registry if none is defined

Nov 6, 2020

IasC (IZero and Terraform modules)

v2.3.9, v2.3.8, v2.3.7, v2.3.6, v2.3.5, v2.3.4, v2.3.3, v2.3.2, v2.3.1, v2.3.0, v2.2.2

  • Prints the elapsed time for the Toolkit installation process
  • Updates tile definition to include in long description and update input parameters
  • Updates module versions
  • ibm-container-platform v1.18.0
  • ibm-object-storage v2.0.1


v1.2.0, v1.1.0

  • Simplifies the logic used to determine cluster type by using intrinsic information within the cluster. This expands the number of commands that can be run against a cluster that doesn't have the toolkit installed
  • Updates the git secret logic to support older versions of the git cli (which allows the CLI to be run in the IBM OpenLab environment)

Oct 30, 2020

IasC (IZero and Terraform modules)

v2.2.1, v2.2.0

  • Adds quick install option with Terraform job running within the cluster
  • Updates Tekton Resources module to v2.1.8
  • Update terraform modules to latest
  • dashboard v1.9.0
  • ocp-cluster v2.3.5
  • pactbroker v1.4.0


v1.0.3, v1.0.2

  • Fixes bug that causes the endpoint command to fail due to a missing import
  • Fixes bug with the credentials command that caused the internal urls to be displayed instead of the external ones

Tekton tasks

v2.1.19, v2.1.18, v2.1.17, v2.1.16, v2.1.15, v2.1.14, v2.1.13, v2.1.12, v2.1.11, v2.1.10, v2.1.9, v2.1.8, v2.1.7, v2.1.6, v2.1.5, v2.1.4, v2.1.3

  • Fixes bug in deploy task when the Git hash has an "e" in it (tries to convert to an exponential number)
  • Combines Trivy and IBM VA scan into one task
  • Uses internal endpoints for tools hosted within the cluster (like artifactory and sonarqube)
  • Updates from helm v2 to v3 for the pipeline logic
  • Fix the health url check logic
  • Uses registry-access to get image registry information instead of ibmcloud-config
  • Adds logic to wait for Vulnerability Advisor to complete before testing the result

Sept 25, 2020

Tekton tasks

v2.1.2, v2.1.1, v2.1.0,

  • Introduces image vulnerability scan with Aquasec Trivy
  • Fixes trivy scan logic to check for PERFORM_SCAN flag in setup and execute steps

Sept 11, 2020

IasC (IZero and Terraform modules)

v2.1.0, v2.0.2, v2.0.1

  • Introduced Key Protect ArgoCD plugin in argocd module to v2.9.0 to generate kubernetes secrets from key material in Key Protect
  • Updates namespace module to v2.6.0 to remove use of previously deprecated, now removed --export flag

Aug 25, 2020

IasC (IZero and Terraform modules)


  • Updates Tekton module and resources to support the Red Hat Tekton operator and related versions
  • Simplifies the process to install the Cloud-Native Toolkit on a Red Hat OpenShift provisioned anywhere
  • Provide Private Catalog tile for install with Schematics
  • Improves the handling of LogDNA and Sysdig in the cluster
  • Automates the post-install configuration steps for Artifactory
  • Automates the post-install configuration steps for SonarQube



  • Updates tekton pipeline handling to create the webhook
  • Adds git,gitops and console commands

Tekton tasks


  • Refactors tasks and pipelines to support v1beta1 schema and remove dependency on PipelineResources
  • Streamlines CI process in pipelines to be more modular and reusable
  • Tasks for Vulnerability scanning with IBM Image Registry