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Site Migration

This page is a place holder to send users when a link is removed, either because the content was retired or the content got move to other page(s).

To help the migration we need it to create redirects for some use cases: - For pages that remain then a redirect to the new location url - For pages that got removed a redirect to a page explaining what happened with the content. It could be the content got spread into other pages or the page was not relevant anymore.



Previous version of the site is located here

  • Redirect = accessing the old link will be redirect to the new location with the same content
  • Removed = accessing the old link will be forwarded to this page
Status Previous Location Current Location
Redirect Overview Overview/What is the Cloud Native
Redirect What's New Overview/What's New
Redirect Getting Started/Overview Learning the Toolkit/Basics/Learning Overview
Redirect Getting Started/Prerequisites Learning the Toolkit/Developer setup
Redirect Getting Started/Developer Env Setup Resources/IBM Cloud/Cloud shell
Redirect Getting Started/CLI Reference
Redirect Getting Started/ICC Resources/IBM Cloud/ICC tool
Redirect Getting Started/Dev-Ops Concepts Adopting the Toolkit/Best Practices/DevOps
Redirect Workshop/Overview Learning the Toolkit/Try it/Overview
Redirect Workshop/Setup Workshop Environment Learning the Toolkit/Try it/Setup Cluster
Redirect Workshop/Setup Terminal Learning the Toolkit/Try it/Setup Terminal
Redirect Workshop/CI Pipelines with Tekton Learning the Toolkit/Try it/Continuous integration
Redirect Workshop/CD GitOps with Argo Learning the Toolkit/Try it/Continuous deployment
Redirect Workshop/Microservices Inventory App Learning the Toolkit/Try it/3-tier application
Redirect Workshop/App Modernization Learning the Toolkit/Try it/Application Modernization
Redirect Workshop/Artificial Intelligence Learning the Toolkit/Try it/Artificial Intelligence
Redirect Day 0 - Install/Overview IBM Cloud/roles
Redirect Day 0 - Install/Prepare the account Advanced setup options/Configuring IBM Cloud based setup
Redirect Day 0 - Install/Provision a cluster Advanced setup options/Install IBM Cloud cluster from catalog
Redirect Day 0 - Install/Install the toolkit Install/Fast Start install
Redirect Day 0 - Install/Complete the configuration Toolkit administration
Redirect Day 1 - Build and deploy/Overview Learning the Toolkit/Cloud-Native Development with the Toolkit
Redirect Day 1 - Build and deploy/Deploy an app Learning the Toolkit/Continuous Integration
Redirect Day 1 - Build and deploy/Developer Dashboard Reference/Developer Dashboard
Redirect Day 1 - Build and deploy/(Advanced) Build an operator Use Cases/Build an Operator
Redirect Day 2 - Run and manage Learning the Toolkit/In Depth/DevOps
Redirect Tool Guides/Overview Overview/What is the Cloud Native Toolkit#Environment components
Redirect Tool Guides/CI with Tekton Reference/Toolkit Components/OpenShift Pipelines
Redirect Tool Guides/CI with Jenkins Reference/Toolkit Components/Jenkins
Redirect Tool Guides/IBM Cloud Container Registry Reference/Toolkit Components/IBM Container Registry
Redirect Tool Guides/Artifact mgmt with Artifactory Reference/Toolkit Components/Artifactory
Redirect Tool Guides/Code analysis with SonarQube Reference/Toolkit Components/Sonarqube
Redirect Tool Guides/Contract testing with PACT Reference/Toolkit Components/PACT
Redirect Tool Guides/Log mgmt with LogDNA Adopting the Toolkit/Customizing the Toolkit/Customizing the dashboard#logdna
Redirect Tool Guides/Monitoring with Sysdig Adopting the Toolkit/Customizing the Toolkit/Customizing the dashboard#sysdig
Redirect Tool Guides/CD with ArgoCD Learning the Toolkit/Continuous Deployment
Redirect Tool Guides/Secret mgmt with Key Protect Reference/Toolkit Components/IBM Key Protect
Removed Tool Guides/Architecture as Code with SolSA --
Removed Tool Guides/CLI Tools Image --
Removed Administrator Guide/Overview --
Redirect Administrator Guide/Install CodeReady Workspaces Advanced setup options/Install CodeReady Containers
Redirect Administrator Guide/Configure the Dashboard Adopting the Toolkit/Customizing the Toolkit/Customizing the dashboard
Redirect Administrator Guide/Artifactory Setup Adopting the Toolkit/Toolkit administration/Artifactory setup
Redirect Administrator Guide/Sysdig Setup Adopting the Toolkit/Toolkit administration/Sysdig setup
Redirect Administrator Guide/Terraform Modules Reference/Iteration Zero#terraform-modules
Redirect Administrator Guide/Cluster Configuration Adopting the Toolkit/Toolkit administration/cluster configuration
Redirect Administrator Guide/Destroying Reference/Iteration Zero#scripts
Removed Architecture Guide/Environment Architecture --
Removed Architecture Guide/Development Teams --
Removed Architecture Guide/Application Architecture --
Removed Architecture Guide/Build to Manage --
Redirect Starter Kits/Overview Reference/Starter Kits/Start Kits overview
Redirect Starter Kits/Git Repos Reference/Starter Kits/Available Starter Kits
Redirect Learning Journey/Cloud-Native Bootcamp Cloud Native BootCamp
Removed Learning Journey/Intermediate Topics --
Removed Learning Journey/Advanced Topics --
Removed Learning Journey/Cloud-Native Development --
Removed Learning Journey/Cloud-Native Deployment --
Removed Learning Journey/OpenShift Learning --
Removed Learning Journey/Garage Method Development --
Redirect Learning Journey/App Connect Pipeline Adopting the Toolkit/Use Cases/App Connect REST API workflow
Redirect Learning Journey/GitOps and Integration Adopting the Toolkit/Use Cases/GitOps with Toolkit
Removed Resources/Videos Adopting the Toolkit/Use Cases/GitOps with App Connect
Removed Resources/Office Hours --
Redirect Resources/Resource Access Management Resources/IBM Cloud/Access control
Redirect How to contribute/ Contributing/Contribute