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Adopting the Cloud-Native Toolkit

This section assumes you have completed the fast-start learning, or equivalent, and have some knowledge of the Cloud-Native Toolkit.

Now you have some hands on experience of using the toolkit, you want to start using the Toolkit on your own project. To do this you need to make some decisions on how you want to integrate the Cloud-Native Toolkit into your development processes.

This section provides guidance on:

  • how to setup the Toolkit within your development environment
  • how to customize the Toolkit to meet your development team needs
  • how to add or replace components of the Toolkit with alternate solutions, such as selecting a different container registry solution
  • how to use the Toolkit for the included development use cases (JavaScript, TypeScript, Spring Boot, etc...)
  • how to support development use cases not provided with the Toolkit
  • best practices for using the Toolkit within a Cloud-Native development process