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ArgoCD Setup

Complete the steps for setting up the ArgoCD tool to support integration with Artifactory as a Helm repository


ArgoCD is the environment's continuous delivery tool. Before you can use it as part of the environment, it must first be configured.


Before setting up ArgoCD, set up Artifactory so that ArgoCD can use it as a Helm repository.


Configure ArgoCD to use Artifactory as a Helm repository.

Get the Helm repository location

The Helm repository is in Artifactory. ArgoCD will need the URL to that repository.

  1. In the Artifactory console, select the Home page

  2. In the Set Me Up section, click on the generic-local repository

    Set Me Up - Repositories

  3. In the Set Me Up dialog for the generic-local repository, copy the Deploy URL

    Set Me Up - Generic Local Repository

Register the helm repository with ArgoCD

  1. Log in to ArgoCD

  2. Open the Settings dialog by clicking the Manage your repositories, projects, settings button on the left menu

    ArgoCD - Settings

  3. From the Settings page, select Repositories

    ArgoCD - Repositories

  4. Press the Connect repo using https button at the top of the page

    ArgoCD - New Repository

  5. In the New Repository dialog, select helm for the repository type, provide a name to identify the repository, and enter the Artifactory deploy url for the repository url. Press Connect to create the repository.

    ArgoCD - New helm repository

  6. The repository should now appear and the list and can be used for application deployments


ArgoCD now has the configuration in the environment that it needs to access the helm chart repository in Artifactory.